Crazy T-Shirt Mug Shot

Checkout this jokster with his FBI (Female Body Inspector) t-shirt. Judging from this mug shot, he definitely regretted the fashion choice.

Mustache Mug Shot

It appears that this old criminal saw a ghost and it turned his handlebar mustache white.
Things are about to get even more scary...if you know what i mean.

Happy Smile Mug Shot

I can't decide if this guy is happy about being recently aressted or freshly beaten, or maybe hes excited that he just won a boy George look a like contest.

Facial Tattoo Mug Shot

Have a look at this wiseguys mug shot, sporting an elegantly places anchor tattoo on his NOSE! I guess everything pretty much adds up here.

Crazy Old Man Mug Shot

Checkout this crazy eyed busted nose comb-over hair wacky guy, making for a priceless mug shot you will never forget.